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Good English Research Paper Topics For College

College English classes are usually allow you to pick any topic you want to do your research paper on because they are looking of content, research, and grammar in it.  This allows you to open up your views on topics.  You can still do one on something that has to do with English but it more fun to pick an off beat topic.

Good English Research Paper Topics

  • When we watch the news and they report on the crimes that are happening in the area but are they really tell us the whole truth or are they just trying to scare us with subpar reporting?  Half the time, we watch a news story and the crime changes, facts change, and sometimes they are even completely wrong about the subject.  Is this really reporting or are news stations just trying to get the news before other stations?
  • Being a workaholic, is it necessary to work so hard and does being a workaholic affect our relationships? We are told when we are young that if we work hard we can do anything we want but even if we work hard to get what we want other suffer for us working so much.  Is this really what our parents wanted for us to work all the time?
  • Body language is an interesting thing to study.  You could write a research paper on people’s body language in different places they might visit or even examine your instructor or fellow students for the study.
  • I’m sure you have heard of Six Degrees of Separation but are we all really all connected to each other some way?  This is interesting because thinking about being connected to a complete stranger is kind of creepy but fascinating in the same way.
  • Is empty nest syndrome a real thing or are mothers really enjoying themselves after their kids move out?  Mothers are used to hearing noise everyday in their house and one day it’s quiet.  This can make them relaxed for maybe a few day but then they start to miss their kids.  Why is this?
  • Why do some people only resort to religion in times of despair?  You have seen it where people show up at church that haven’t been there before because something bad has happen but is this really faith or the desperation of a person in need of a higher power to tell them what to do or answer their prayers.

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