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How to Hire an Educated Case Study Assistant

A case study is an analysis of people or groups of people and can be descriptive, explanatory, or exploratory in analysis methods. Exploratory research seeks to identify underlying causes. Exploratory studies are more encompassing as they tend to gather information before questions are formed. Descriptive studies are studies where the researcher makes observations of peoples) and compares the data collected to that of the theory that was chosen to explain the research. An experienced case study assistant needs to know the difference between these types of studies in order to be of aid to you.

You should first start by placing ads for the position and compiling a list of applicants from the resumes that were turned into you. If that's not the route you want to take, you can offer work study candidates the opportunity to apply or contact your department heads or colleagues and ask them for recommendations. After recommendations are received, you should reach out to potential assistants and ask them if they are interested in the position. Have each applicant that expressed interest to turn in a resume so you can assess their skill level. After you have received all resumes, you should invite potential assistants in for an interview.

Asking why they are interested will help you separate those who are passionate about the work, from those who just want a job. Ask the individuals to explain relevant experience. Experience assisting prior case studies will likely give a candidate extra points in the interviewer's mind. It also offers the comfort in knowing you will not have to spend much time on training. You should also assess their personality. You want to be sure you can work with this person on a daily basis.

After you have interviewed all candidates, you should pick a qualified candidate to help aid you in your case study. In the event you have two candidates that you want to learn more about, you should do a trial run. Have them assist you for one day. Assign them a task and test their terminology and understanding of what they are being asked to do. If you are interviewing subjects, let each have a turn. You can find out their interviewing styles, and form a conclusion of which candidate will work best for you.

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