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Health and social care coursework are hard to complete:

When writing coursework, each and every different type faces its own challenges. However, it is said that some genres or topics of coursework are more difficult than others. One of the most difficult types of coursework to complete seems to be anything relating to health and social care. There are many reasons as to why this could be, but the number one reason seems to be “opinions” and the struggles that writers face when trying to avoid using them to sway their articles in any direction.

Coursework is written for the purpose of academically instructing others. It is academic writing that is completely unbiased and conveys the information from writer to reader without the use of outside opinions. That being said, health and social care topics are not like math or history; there is not always one right answer and one wrong answer or one right way to do things and one wrong way to do things; there are levels of opinion.

Sure, there are many factual facts and information that one can gather in regards to the topics of health or social care, but at some point, there are levels of opinion and bias that the writer will have trouble avoiding in their work (especially with social care). These opinions especially come out when writing about certain medical studies, court cases, laws, social events, or lifestyle topics. You can present as many facts as you can, but it is very hard to teach or fully explain to someone topics within these two genres without presenting them with both sides (usually pros and cons, or positives and negatives). The trick to mastering this challenge is to make sure that you are presenting these two sides without leaning more towards one of them than the other.

Humans Like To Share There Opinions, That is For Sure!

As humans, it is natural to have an instinct for developing an opinion and wanting to convey it (we hold great pride in our thoroughly thought out opinions) in everything said and done. Therefore, it is a great obstacle to trade facts for opinions when writing. A tip? Just draw your focus to the ultimate goal; to teach. Focus on the little details and make sure that you discuss all major facts and details about each topic or subtopic that you are exploring in your coursework. When writing coursework, as long as all of the information is clearly being taught to your readers, you are doing an exceptional job.

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