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What Is A Good Topic For A Research Paper?

Choosing the topic for your research paper can be one of the most fun and one of the most challenging parts of the entire paper writing process. There are literally countless topics that you could choose between if your instructor does not give you a list of assigned topics.

You can look online and find gigantic lists of possible research paper topics. Just browsing through those lists should help you find something to spark your interest. Perhaps you have read something or seen something in the news lately that gives you some ideas for a research paper topic.

20 possible topics to get you started:

  1. Second-hand smoke
  2. Surrogate mothers
  3. Homelessness
  4. Gambling
  5. Juvenile offenders
  6. Iraq war vets
  7. Cyber crime
  8. Conspiracy theories
  9. Abortion
  10. Terrorism
  11. Decline of marsupials
  12. Buddhist monks
  13. Disappearance of trains and railroads
  14. Nonlethal weapons in riots
  15. Pollution
  16. Anxiety in school teachers
  17. Online bullying
  18. Domestication of swine
  19. Artificial tanning
  20. World’s greatest inventor

A broad topic is the right place to start. After you have identified the topic, the next step is to formulate a question about an event, person or issue within the topic. This question is what you will be addressing in the research paper. It is your point of view about the question that you will be supporting with evidence gathered in your research phase.

The more passion you have about the topic, the better. The more controversy there is surrounding the question, the better. Remember that you are trying to persuade the reader to agree with your point of view. A research paper has an element of persuasion that you must inject into your writing. The writing process should be fun and interesting to you as you go along. If you find that you are bored or uninterested, it’s time to alter your research question or topic.

Make the topic your own. Make the reader feel your intensity and passion about your point of view. Let these feelings come through in your writing and you will make a strong and lasting impression. You will learn a lot about your topic in the research phase. There will be a great deal of reading and thinking to do. After an in-depth study of the literature you have gathered, you may begin to feel like an expert on the subject.

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