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Academic Writing Help: Essay Structure

Writing an essay may seem like an easy task until you get further into details related to the assignment. Most essays are roughly one page in length, but they follow a basic structure that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Your supporting evidence helps provide validity to your main point or argument. As these elements come together you develop the structure to your essay, but it is understandable to get confused on how these elements come together and what details to mention.

What Parts Make Up an Essay?

Most essays are one page in length and feature 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph is known as the introduction and it introduces readers to the main idea. This paragraph will have what is called a thesis statement which is the purpose behind the essay. This may be a general statement, question, or argument the remaining details of the essay work to solve or prove. The conclusion is the last paragraph and it helps provide closure for the entire essay. You may restate your thesis and provide an overall opinion on the subject matter or solution to the problem. The conclusion may differ somewhat depending on the type of essay written.

What Information Should Be Presented in the Body Paragraphs?

The body paragraphs appear between the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. They provide details related to data you have collected on your topic but with logic meaning. Each paragraph may provide a supporting point or evidence for the main idea or thesis. Each paragraph may have a topic sentence that introduces the main idea, supporting details, and a transition sentence at the end to help readers follow through from one paragraph to the next.

Organization and Logic Presentation of Overall Concept or Purpose

The structure of an essay is simple when you understand the purpose of each paragraph and what information should be mentioned. In order to have a well written essay you should revise your content and read it over before finalizing it. Writing a rough draft is a good way to get an idea of how your details will come together using the basic essay structure. It makes the content easier for readers to follow and they know what to expect as they read through the content. Students writing their essay will also understand what information to include and omit upon understanding the required essay structure.

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