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How Can I Write an Essay Quicker?

In a case where speed is the major determinant in essay writing, a different approach may be employed to writing simpler. A few tips on quick essay writing techniques are summarized below:

  • Skip the Introduction
  • While the introduction serves to attract the reader’s attention and emphasizing the focus of the essay, a lot of time is mainly spent here. Writers often struggle on composing the best attention grabber, a task that may consume the entire essay timing. A writer may therefore skip the intro and navigate strait to the thesis statement.

  • Outline your ideas for your topic
  • As far as you have your topic ready, an outline can help a writer visualize the final paper. Start by indicating your topic, followed by respective ideas; leaving a space to further expound on them. Try to coming up with at least three main points; that’s enough to get you decent coverage.

  • Support your main points
  • The highly recommended approach is to highlight about two illustrations for each main point. In a case where your aim is to hit a certain number of pages, the more types of evidence you have supporting each main point, the longer the essay.

    You may outline your main points in a list form or in bullets notes so as to make quicker reference possible. It’s also the best approach of achieving a highly organized writing experience.

  • Choose an Intro and Conclusion
  • The next step after having the main points or the body completed is to now focus on your introduction and conclusion. Due to the limited time, you may opt to compose a catchy beginning sentence will still capture the audience’s attention though may not be as artistic or creative.

    Your conclusion should also summarize your main ideas and bringing the article to a comprehensive closure. About four strong sentences make a good conclusion, where the writer reinforces his thesis.

  • Review your Essay
  • Main focus is to ensure that sentence construction is perfect, correct grammar is followed and that no errors and spelling mistakes are included.

    In a case of an essay written on a fast pace, reviewing should not necessarily consume much time. Focus on ensuring all rules are followed, while maintaining the prescribed format of the essay.

    Sometimes you may have a friend or expert review your essay so as to iron out issues you may have overlooked or typing errors. Reviewing a printed copy of the essay may be more effective.

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