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How to Write Original Topics for a Psychology Research Paper

Finding a good topic for a psychology research paper can be a challenge. There is a multitude of opportunities for you to explore, but how do you pick the perfect one?

First of all, you need to focus on the things you’ve already learned. It is not prohibited to write a paper on a topic you have not covered yet, but doing this will be incredibly difficult. In order to create a good essay, you need to understand the topic and love it. Even if you cannot find something that you are particularly passionate about, you should focus on the things that interest you personally. This will make the process of writing much more pleasant.

Sometimes, people feel lost because they do not know how to go about choosing a single topic from the vast field of psychology. If this is your problem, you should identify several subjects within the field and pick the one that you like best. Then, you can narrow it down further to pick a perfect topic.

Here are a few ideas you can use for a research paper in psychology:

  1. Write a paper about a famous therapist.

    Many outstanding individuals shaped psychology into the science it is today. You can study the life of one of them, and try to identify the reasons that made this person into a psychologist. Study his or her works and explain how these influenced the field, and name the things that would have remained unknown without this person’s research.

    A few names to consider for this paper are B.F. Skinner, A. Kinsey, M. Mahler, and H. Eysenck.

  2. Create a case study.

    This research paper is bound to impress your professor if you do everything right. You will need to choose an individual/group and study it over a certain period of time. Make notes of your observations, analyze them, and write a report about the development of the disease or a social phenomenon that you studied by using this example.

    A few suggestions for you to use:

    • The development of Parkinson’s disease symptoms related to memory.
    • Human reactions to armed attacks.
    • The evolution of a marital relationship (based on your favorite romantic TV show).

  3. Describe an experiment.

    You can either study one of the many successful psychological experiments that you studied in class, or conduct one yourself. If you choose the latter option, you can focus your paper on developing the experiment and working out all the details. Even if you do not implement it in real life, you will need to hypothesize what the results could be.

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