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How Not To Get Scammed While Using Essay Writing Services

If you have decided to cut corners and hire a professional essay writing service instead of doing your academic assignment yourself then there are a few risk factors that you may want to take into consideration. Remember, whenever you purchase services online it is very important that you do your research if you do not wish to be scammed. Like any other service you may purchase on there are both legitimate and fraudulent agencies out there. Even if you aren’t going to do your college homework, you need to do you “hiring homework” or else you may end up being ripped off AND still not get your assignment done.

The best way to avoid getting scammed is by using a writer who works for an accredited agency that has a stellar reputation and portfolio. Before you exchange any money or information ask to see their credentials and some writing samples. Check everything out for yourself, and look for outside reviews (not on their website) from other people who have used their services. This is just one way that you can feel more secure about who you are hiring.

Another thing that you should certain to do when using essay writing services is communicate that the content they provide to you will be 100% original and unique. Hiring someone to write unique content for your essay is VERY different than hiring someone who is going to give you plagiarized content to hand in. If the content they give you does not pass copy cape (which you should check) then I wouldn’t hand it in because YOU WILL get expelled for plagiarism. Instructors are becoming more and more aware of this and will probably check your assignment, so if you have bought it online you will want to make sure that it is original before submitting it. If you don’t wish to be scammed in this way you have to be clear about your expectations with the writer.

Finally, the #1 way to avoid being scammed when using an online writing service for your essay is to submit to them the outline and research that you wish for them to write from. This will give them no excuse to copy someone else’s work, and guarantee that the final product is similar to the essay that you would of written. The other good news; if most of the work is done you will probably get a more affordable rate from the agency. That is a good enough reason to do at least a little bit of the project yourself.

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