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10 Original Ideas to Help You Come Up with Research Paper Topics

Choosing a great topic for your research paper may not come so easy for many of us. But a little bit of forethought and reflection on the various research topics can trace our interest on a specific topic which caters to the general interest of the society and addresses a research problem that is crucial for the needs of people involved with the topic. Therefore the selection of a proper research paper topic must be done carefully with due consideration to its scope and needs for achievement of finding a possible solution to the research problem addressed in the research to address a specific issue with proper perspective and approach to research.

Some basic ideas which will help you in choosing a pertinent research topic for your academic or professional requirements are as listed below:

  1. Do not forget to follow your interest while deciding your research paper topic and reflecting on the issue which holds your interest may help add value to the research topic addressed and in turn also the amount of interest invested by you on the chosen research topic.
  2. While choosing a specific topic for research, you must also ensure that you have sufficient knowledge or background information on the research topic that you plan to select for your research. This would help you to plot the interview questionnaire, the scope of research and your approach towards the research with the wealth of information you have acquired on the topic.
  3. The next criteria for research must be to ensure that you narrow down the topic to a select sample and needs so that it is easier for you to collect information.
  4. Selecting the right approach to handle the research problem is also important as it would attach value to your research and help you to adopt a non-partisan approach to research.
  5. Avoiding any kind of bias on the chosen research topic can ruin all your efforts to develop a proper research paper which would rather seem like something that is pre planned and follows a given template without giving due consideration to the problem and results acquired which may also seem manipulated by your preset views.
  6. Research extensively on the topic to gather all information.
  7. Skim past newspapers, TV channels and radio to relate to a specific issue that can be used as the research problem in your research paper. The surrounding people near you could also be facing some issue, strike a conversation with them to find a suitable topic for research.
  8. Brainstorm over a list of research topics that have been selected by you.
  9. Take guidance from friends, family and teachers to gain a broader perspective on the research topic.
  10. Evaluate the scope and relevance of the research topic selected by you. Make the last minute improvements on the selected topic.

Some interesting research paper topics

  1. Gender identity and workplace environment
  2. Social networking: A bane or boon
  3. Are Homeworks really necessary for school students?
  4. Crime and control: The real reasons behind high crime rates.
  5. Poverty: Is this a major issue only for developing nations or is it worldwide concern

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