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Resources Containing Effective Economics Essay Topics

The Internet is full of information you can use in order to come up with a topic for your economics essay. Some of the sources you can use are:

  • Online publications. There are plenty of professional online publications that specialize in economy. You should follow at least a couple of them in order to be informed of the most important news in this field. The articles you can read there will definitely give you good ideas. Studying these sources will also allow you to determine what direction your research should take.
  • Custom writing services. These companies can write an essay for you, help you create an outline, edit and proofread the paper, and offer any other kind of help you may need when working on your economics essay. This includes topic selection as well. Their writers work on these types of papers on a daily basis, and know what subjects are the most lucrative.
  • Professional forums/social network communities. There, you will be able to meet people that specialize in economy, and can offer you valuable advice.

Examples of Economics Essay Topics

  • Why did the institutions that supported the Golden Age of capitalism fail to sustain its growth in long term? This paper should touch upon the history of capitalism, and explore social and economic factors that allowed this system to prevail. You will need to study the progress of capitalism through the years in order to explain the changes that occurred during this time, meanwhile identifying the reasons behind them.
  • The influence of recent terrorist attacks on world financial markets. In this paper, you will need to determine the effects that the recent terrorist attacks had on the world economy, and speculate on how this situation can be improved. Offer your ideas on how to solve the problem of terrorism through economic means.
  • How does the concept of voluntary unemployment influence the labor supply in the context of neo-classical theory? Explain this theory and study the statistics that you will use as evidence to support your arguments.
  • What kind of business strategy is the most beneficial for a newly established company today? In this essay, you will need to choose a specific market niche and study its dynamics thoroughly. Your suggested business plan must be supported by real life examples.
  • Why does economic imbalance occur? This subject is vast with opportunities. You can pick any example of major economic imbalance and study it from different angles. Be sure to devise a strategy that will help prevent these occurrences.

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