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Who Can Help Me with Writing an Investigative Essay

Teachers love assigning investigative because writing it teaches you how to do research, cite sources, and generally use your head to draw the right conclusions from your investigations.

Working on this type of essay can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any prior experiences with them. If you require assistance, you should be able to find it through the following sources:

  • Classmates:

    The insight you can get from discussing the assignment with your classmates cannot be underestimated. Study groups will be a great help, especially at the early writing stages when you need to choose a topic and create a thesis statement.

  • Teachers:

    You can always consult your teacher to clarify the format of the essay and any other formalities you are uncertain about.

  • Tutors:

    Hiring a tutor on the subject will be a great help in many ways. This professional will be able to help you with the essay and explain the material you may be struggling with.

  • Online writing services:

    These companies offer a great variety of services that every student can benefit from. They can help you with choosing a topic, creating an outline, finding relevant sources, editing, and proofreading. They can even write your essay from a scratch if this is what you need.

How Does One Go About Writing an Investigative Essay?

If you decide to try writing the paper yourself at first and only desire help when you encounter some problems, the following tips will help you:

  • Start the essay by introducing your topic. Avoid questions in this part of the paper. You need to engage the reader by presenting facts and reporting your discoveries.
  • Always include some background information on the topic. The people that will read your essay may not be proficient in this field. You should keep this in mind when you are writing, as doing this will also help prevent overusing professional terms and jargon.
  • You must include your investigation question in a statement form into one of the first paragraphs. Use the third person voice in this sentence, and try to avoid using the first person in any other part of the essay.
  • Provide sufficient details and evidence for each of your findings. There should be one finding per paragraph.
  • Do not stop at the summary of your research results. You should always explain how they can be used to further some other investigations in the field.
  • Avoid using words and phrases like “as was previously stated”, “again”, etc.

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