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Psychology Case Study: Which Format to Use?

A case study is a type of detailed analysis in which in depth information about a single person is described comprehensively. If you are student of psychology then during your educational period you need to write case study at some point. Being the student of social sciences and arts you must be familiar with the case study and format or method used to write an effective case study. You often need to write the case studies in clinical settings or for research labs. Most of the times; case studies are proved to be useful at hospital settings. It is useful when you have to review a person’s history, medical reports and or mental condition throughout his life. In the course work of intermediate and graduation level, the students are taught to write the case studies and most of the time, it is based on the real individuals but at times for the learning purpose you can also use an imaginary individual and write his/her case study. Case study method is also very useful in qualitative type of researches or research projects.

There are certain standards which students have to follow while writing a case study. There is a defined pattern and format designed to write the case study. There is a pre-set style and structure which you have to follow while writing a case study.

This article will provide you a guideline about how to write an affective case study and which things are needed to mention in an ideal case study. Following are the key points you need to remember while writing a psychology case study:

  • A psychological case study will focus on one individual.
  • You need register and discuss all aspects of your client’s life.
  • You need to cover the behavior, cognition, perception, thought process, attitude, beliefs and set patterns of his actions or feelings.
  • You must indicate the root causes of his male-behavior or mental illness or any other medical disease.
  • You have to use your sources to gather the factual information about your subject or client.
  • You have to focus on the mental illness and its causes prevailing in your subject.
  • You have to make your diagnosis with great care and hard work. Do not rush in concluding a diagnosis but make it after satisfactory symptoms approved.
  • Include the case history, medical history and interview of the patient in your diagnosis report.

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