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How To Purchase A Custom Essay

Perhaps you’ve decided that your college essay needs to be top-notch so you can complete your class with honors; maybe your business needs an essay for presentation at meetings. Whatever the reason, when it’s time to purchase a custom essay for your educational or professional needs, there are several major steps which need to be adhered to so as to avoid rip offs or generally poor content altogether. If followed closely, you’ll benefit greatly by saving money, receiving an excellent paper and perhaps forming an excellent business contact for future writing necessities.

Have Ideas Ready

Before buying your first essay, you’ll speed the process tenfold by having your ideas already on paper so you’ll have no problems conveying what you want written. If any outlines or specific pieces of information need to be included in the paper, make sure to include these things during the purchasing process. This makes your paper writing process speed up considerably and helps your chosen writer.

Search Diligently

Finding the most experienced writing solution for your needs could become problematic if your searches are turning up empty. You can search for specific terms, such as college essay, to come up with a list of companies which offer these services. From this list, you can read their sites, costs and what to expect in terms of timeframe of completion. If you’ve decided to stick with writers based on certain localities, Google and Bing permit location-based searching; if you want writers who specialize in specific areas, searching for a place to buy your custom essay based on certain keywords is also possible.

Never Base Off Price!

Never base your final purchasing decision off the total price offered; companies who offer $10.00 per 300 words, for example, could be crooks whereas an established company with gifted writers could charge $20.00 per 300 words and give you better writing than you’d ever seen possible. Another metric to consider is whether completion times are within your bounds; sometimes essays can take several days when they need complex information included; if you haven’t that kind of time, make sure you state this upfront to see if the company can offer quicker services for an added fee.


With many writing companies in existence today, you can literally have these companies compete for your essay writing business. Keep in mind the customer service of each company, the expertise in given areas, how fast the work gets done and availability of testimonials from past customers. The costs should be last on your list since the ideally perfect essay writing service who offers excellence in delivery and customer services are virtually priceless, and should be the focal point of your search.

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