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A Beginners' Guide to Writing an Essay in English

Writing whatever type of English essay is not always an easy thing to do. A large number of people the world over can attest to that. Some people would argue that English is not their first language. However, if asked to write any essay in their mother tongue it proves to be equally hard and to others impossible. This implies that you do not have to be a native English speaker to write a quality essay in English.

For a beginner, essay writing might tend to appear very hard. Practice has really proven that English Essay writing is one enjoyable piece of art to tackle. However, if you are new in essay writing, then considering the following tips will go along way to improving your essay writing skills.

  • Topic of your essay
  • Usually every essay should be title. The title is subject matter on which the essay builds. The topic of your essay thus acts as the main part of your essay. This is because it gives you a chance to develop a context out of a few words in your topic.

  • Carry out research on the topic
  • After settling on the topic to write about, it is advisable that you carry out through research on the topic to ensure that your essay gives relevant information about the topic subject

  • Plot organization
  • The plot of any piece of writing matters a lot in the role that it plays in attracting attention of the reader. This should help you determine what formats to use. Consider using simple but readable styles which will draw people to further read your essay as opposed to scaring them away. Who would want to read a chunk of text? Or won’t you?

  • Paragraphing
  • This is part of the plot organization. Let your ideas flow chronologically. This means that put a single idea in its own paragraph. Do not make ideas in one paragraph spill over to the next. The best way to organize your essay is to start with an introduction paragraph. This is where you make the aims of your essay as well as what it is all about known.

  • Language structure
  • A quality essay is always depended on the language use. Without understanding the basics of English language, writing an English essay might prove to be a very difficult task. If you make use of the above points definitely your essay will be the best.

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