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Even the Most Seasoned Academic Veterans have had to Learn how to Write a Research Paper

Let’s face it…we are not born with an innate knowledge of how to write anything at all. It is a process that is learned. Even when we learn how to write, there is a difference between writing for yourself and writing a research paper. It is a process that is learned through trial and error and it begins while we are still in middle school.

And so it begins

We are assigned essays on different topics and while we do not realize it the teachers are not just making us learn about the topic assigned they are also teaching us the proper way in which we should write a research paper. In fact, most teachers will grade the essay depending on whether or not it was written in the proper form. Although it is helpful if they give you feedback on why and how it was improperly formatted so that you can do it correctly the next time, this does not always occur.

Continuing on

As we progress through to high school we are given essays and research papers with more and more frequency. This again is in an effort to not only learn the subject at hand but also to better prepare us with the knowledge of writing a proper paper. The grading on the formatting will be even harsher than it was in middle school and in fact a certain percentage of the overall score may depend on how it is formatted. Again, it will be at the instructor’s discretion whether or not there is any feedback given on grading.

The college years

By the time you reach college you should have reached a good understanding on the technique of writing an essay or research paper. If not then you had better learn it with a quickness. Unless you go into a field where research is not involved then you will be writing research papers and essays for not just your college years but also throughout your working life.

Learning how to write properly does not just include essays and research papers though. You must eventually write a resume if you ever want to get a decent job. Without the proper writing skills and formatting it will be a mess and drastically lower your chances of landing not only your dream job but any job at all. See, writing might be a bit more important than you thought it was.

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