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Writing a Term Paper in MLA Format

Writing a term paper in MLA format requires students to set out their term paper in a specific format. MLA is a format that is used in a manner of topics, normally within areas of humanities. It can be difficult to remember the exact requirements when writing our term paper when it comes to things such as tabs and labels. Below are some tips that will assist with your MLA term paper.

The Term Paper Layout

The most important factor of the MLA term paper is the layout, there are a number of things you need to do to ensure you are meeting the requirements so your paper is submitted successfully.

  • Ensure that you set  the margins in your term paper to one inch.
  • The font of your term paper needs to be  sized to 12-point, and the font needs to be set to Times New Roman.
  • While some software will have the Times New Roman as the default, don’t assume this is always the case, always double check and change if applicable.
  • You should write in double-spacing, if using a particular piece of software to write your article then you may need to select an option such as “paragraph” and ensure the spacing is set to “double.”

Ensure Your Term Paper Has a Header

  • The header needs to contain your last name and be set to the far right, page numbers also need to be added.
  • Page numbers were previously added at the bottom of the page, this no longer required as they often interfered with the text on the page.

Make a Heading

  • The heading needs to contain your last name along with the name of your teacher.
  • You need to also include your class and the grade if it is required.
  • Ensure the date is written in the day, month, year format, unless you've been advised to write it in a different format.
  • Ensure Your Title is Positioned Correctly
  • Titles needs to be placed at the top of the essay using the same font size and format as before i.e. 12-point and Times New Roman respectively.

Insure Cited Works Are Noted Correctly

  • Major works, such as television shows and novels, need to be italicized.
  • Lesser works, such as poems and periodicals need to be shown in quotations.
  • The first letter of cited works needs to be capitalized.

Integrating Quotes

  • Quotes should introduced, such as “The author says….”
  • The quote should then be written in quotation marks

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