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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks Book Review

The book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks is a very popular book about love and faith that has been turned into a best-selling movie, so if you want to do a book report on this piece of work you have lots of options available to you other than just reading the book. If you find, though, that you would like to read the book to do the report, you may need some help in getting the book review written. After you have read the book, try doing the following things to make your review go much faster.

Watch the movie after you've read the book.

Watching the movie after you have read the book will help you gain a better understanding about the book. Sometimes a director can better express the work than you can comprehend in the book, and certain themes or details may be made clearer for you.

Read other reviews of the book.

After you have both read the book and watched the movie, hop online and look at the reviews from both professional writers and ordinary people that have read the book. See what they liked about it and what they didn't, and take notes of anything you see that may make a good report. The negative things people say about a book can generally lead to good topics because you can either discuss why the author did something a certain way, or you can also talk bout why you wanted it to be different.

Research themes from the book.

Many authors do interviews about their books, and Sparks is one of them. Look up what he has to say about the book and the themes that people notice in the book. After you have established the themes, pick one or two that you enjoy and look those up online for ways to better present them to your audience.

Review the book yourself.

Now that you have background, themes, and public reaction you need to review the book yourself and can use the information you found as a way to introduce your review or support your thoughts and ideas. Always stick to facts to support your ideas so that the review has actual substance.

Writing a book report is never easy, and writing a review can be even harder. Follow these tips to make the review writing process easier and faster, and always follow your teacher's instructions when writing any type of paper for a class. If you really get stuck, you can reference online sites and other reviews of books to help get your creative juices flowing.

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