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Research Paper Help: How to Find a Reputable Source

  1. Your first source of help should be your professor or tutor. Arrange a mutual time to meet with them. Prepare for the meeting by making notes and taking along any articles or writing that you wish to discuss. Ideally email your professor of tutor with the material before your meeting so they have chance to look through the material before the meeting.
  2. Talk to the Librarian at your School or College. They may be able to signpost you to documents produced by the School or College or they may be able to offer suggestions of work that you need to cite for your research paper.
  3. Talk to other students on your course. Find out if they have had any particular needs for producing their research paper and find out how they resolved their difficulties. Explore the idea of starting a self-help support group. There may be a difficulty that everyone shares, in that case you may be able to share any outside support.
  4. Look on line for free websites that offer ideas for your research paper that include the format they you should be following and extra tips and ideas. Some of these websites may even offer free support from a tutor. This can be through email or through real time support. Some websites may even offer some u-tube type demonstrations or instructions that can prove to be invaluable. But be warned that the free tutor support may be a one off offer and you may have to pay after the first consultation.
  5. There are other websites that offer tuition for writing research papers. The tutors can give individual support that will guide you with the completion of your work, offer advice on the literature review you may need to complete and help you with the logical progression of ideas to make your work a success. Remember though that this types of service does not include the tutor writing your work for you.
  6. If all else fails, you can employ someone to write your research paper for you. If you go choose this option you will need to checkout the authenticity of the website (phone number, address), the qualifications of the writers (do they have qualifications in your subject areas?), has the website got a good reputation (have positive reviews been made by other customers?) and would you be paying a reasonable fee for the job (is the work guaranteed for quality, validity and accuracy?).

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