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Google In China

Google china a subsidiary of Google Inc. an American  multinational specializing in internet related products was found in the year 2005 ranks as the second  search engine from Baidu’s market dominance in China, initially it was headed by the former Microsoft executive Kai-fulee a move which was not welcomed by Microsoft but later agreed on a confidential settlement, in the same year an interface with the Chinese  language was developed for the google website, with the search page being launched early the following year but with its search results subject to censorship by the Chinese government.

In March of 2009 after a disturbing footage on YouTube the government blocked access to Google’s YouTube site and blocked other google online services, September of the same year Kai-fulee parted with Google China due to the government censorship policies and the decreasing share over Baidu. In response to a hacking attack which was Chinese affiliated and other US tech companies. Beginning of 2010 saw the end of the self-censorship, March of 2010 google redirected all search queries from to which bypassed Chinese regulators allowing uncensored simplified search results for the first time. the giant rival with its features resemblance and similarity to Google dominated the market so much that it saw Google China launching a legal music download service in order to rival Baidu’s hypothetically illicit offering the move scooped Google China a market share of 29% according to Analysis International’s findings, the market share though dwindled by 2012 reducing by 5%.

Controversies are still on Google China’s shadow to present infact even before the establishment in China was still accessible 90% of the time but much of its content was not because of the censorship and since It complied with the Internet Censorship in China controversy is still trailing it critics viewing it as the surrender of “The great firewall of china”. Authorities in China though are accused of grouping Google with other disputes with the United States stirring nationalist resentments.

Although it is complicit by coming to an end in indicating that its search results are being interfered by the Great Firewall. Google China is still hopping to have a handsome piece of the Chinese market, the good thing is at least it has placed itself on the right side of China’s high voltage debate of openness of the websites and freedom of expression.

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