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A List Of Great High School Research Paper Topics In Literature

Writing on literature can be a very liberating experience. It not only helps you understand the piece of work but also lets you get a glimpse inside the mind of the author. You will need to a very observant reader in order to write a good research paper on a specific piece of literature. No matter what topic you choose you will have to go through the writings and also works of various critics to know all the details.

Selecting a topic

Before you begin you must get your basics straight. Literature is a broad category and you will need to narrow it down to a few specific branches before you choose your topic. You can get an idea about which branch of literature you like by reading different books. You will get to know about the various genres and then base your topic on something you actually like. This way you will spend less time looking for information because you already know a lot about the genre and probably about the writer.

In case you are having difficulty in selecting a topic for your research paper here are a few examples to help you:

  • Your favorite Shakespearian character from one of the tragedies written by the bard. Here you will have to write on one the various characters found in the play.
  • A comparison between two similar characters or writers from similar era. You will have to write how the two characters are different from each other and what sets them apart. If you are writing about the differences between two authors or two literary works you will have to give more details and an order of things i.e. how the events took place.
  • The social and political situation under which a piece is written can be a good topic for your paper. You will have to elaborate on the social and political climate under which the author wrote it and how did it was influenced by these factors.
  • You can also write on the development of a literature genre and how prominent authors contributed in its development. You will have to contrast how the examples of the particular genre have changed over the years and how the change occurred.
  • You can also write on one particular author. Mention how the author has changed his way or writing through different works and how the events of his life played a part in shaping his viewpoint.

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