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Writing an elaborate movie review in 6 steps

Movie reviews are not difficult to write, especially when you know the steps to getting the job done. When it comes to writing, movie review writing is some of the most enjoyable. Not only do you get watch a movie, but you also get to include your opinion.

Interestingly, it only takes six steps to get a movie review successfully written.

  • Step one: Watch the movie and take notes. Avoid summarizing the movie, but take note of memorable scenes and quotes, as well as the abilities of the actors and actresses. Notice the setting, music, and the progression of the plot. Don’t turn to IMDB, because you will not be able to give an honest opinion.

  • Step two: Put together a title and subtitle. Include a title that includes the title of the movie. The subtitle should be clever so that readers will want to know more about your review.

  • Step three: Write your introduction. The introduction should include an attention-getting hook. The introduction should also have a very small bit of summary, especially if you can make it sizzling hot. This should be the most intriguing part of the entire review.

  • Step four: Write the body of the review. The body paragraphs should include facts and opinions about the movie. You should not have any full paragraphs about the summary of the book, but you can intersperse a few sentences here and there. The reader is really looking for your opinion, so that is the most important part of the review. The body should include a few paragraphs. Since movie reviews are a journalistic style of writing, the paragraphs are usually shorter than in a typical essay.

  • Step five: Conclude the review. This is where you recommend the movie. Be very clear about who you think would like the movie. Try not to include any new information, but restate some of your earlier opinions in new ways.

  • Step six: Know what to avoid: Once you are finished, take time to edit. Check that your review actually looks like a review so your readers have no doubt about the purpose of your essay. Be sure you have a little suspense in the review, do not give away your opinion right away in order to keep your readers interested. Revise any part of the review where you say things like “In my opinion,” “I think,” or anything else that seems obvious in a movie review.

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