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Writing A Case Study In A Week

Case study assignments tend to take a little bit longer than most reports because they require the student to do extensive research. This research may include collecting experiment results, gathering data, and conducting interviews. Often, instructors will give your a few weeks to complete a case study so that you have enough time to put it all together. However, if you tend procrastinate there is still a way to get your case study done in under a week. Below, we've outlined four easy to follow steps for writing a "A" evaluated Case Study in a short amount of time.

Step 1: Creating An Outline

Before you begin writing your case study you need to compose an outline. Start your outline by breaking your paper up into five sections: Introduction, Hypothesis, Supporting Details, Evidence, and Conclusion.

Then, within each section split the outline up so that it looks like this:

  1. Introduction
    • Case Abstract
    • Thesis
    • Method of Investigation
  2. Hypothesis
    • What do you think that you will conclude?
  3. Supporting Details
    • Research
    • Observations
    • Interviews
    • Other relevant points
  4. Evidence
    • At least three strong points of evidence
  5. Conclusions
    • What conclusions can you draw from looking at the supporting details and evidence?
    • Was your hypothesis correct?
    • Summarize the case

Step 2: Gather Your Supporting Details

Once you have laid out your outline, you can begin to gather your supporting details. Make sure that you have clarified your methods of investigation. If you intend to complete your Case Study in under a week you are going to have to choose research methods that are not time consuming. Try to avoid conducting experiments that cannot be completed within the limited time frame. Contact your interview subjects’ immediately and make sure that they can meet with you right away. Instead of doing extensive research, look for some strong academic texts that you can use to back your case without doing a lot of extra verification work.

Step 3: Examine The Evidence and Write A Conclusion

From your research you should be able to pull at least 3 strong supporting evidence points that will support you thesis. Carefully select examples that will help to make your case. Re-evaluate your original hypothesis and see if your estimations were correct or incorrect. Draw a conclusion that is well informed based on the information that you have gathered.

Step 4: Edit, Proofread and Prepare A Presentation

Once you have completed these other steps, carefully proofread and edit your case study. Discard any details that do not add value to the paper. Try to be critical of your own work. Finally, from the original outline prepare a presentation using PowerPoint. If you have filled out your outline correctly each point on the outline should be useable as a slide. If your Case Study does not require a presentation element skip this step and spend any additional time that you have left over to polish up your report.

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