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A List Of Inspiring Health Research Paper Ideas To Write About

Health research paper can be inspiration to research and write. The continually changing medical and holistic health industries offer so many topics that students are certain to find one that is fascinating. The topic you choose should be related to the area of medicine that you plan to practice, because it will help you learn more about your specialty. Here are a few topics that might inspire you:

  • The health science of yoga
  • The newest diet recommendations
  • Health insurance changes and the effects on practices
  • Earbuds and auditory health
  • The value of exercise on aging
  • The epidemic of bed bugs
  • Measles and the anti-vaccine campaigns
  • Breastfeeding and weight loss
  • Mental health and physical health: how they affect each other
  • Caring for elderly adults with dementia
  • Body image and shaming
  • Drinking water and fluoride
  • The importance of playing outside
  • What is the best food to eat for your blood type
  • Food stamps and eating habits
  • Common childhood illnesses and child care centers
  • How to keep a healthy home in frigid winter temperatures
  • Using essential oils in a healthy home
  • The pros and cons of hospice
  • Preventing the flu: alternatives to vaccines
  • The role of the local public health department
  • Managing medical waste
  • The increased role of the physician’s assistant

Choose a Controversial Issue

When you chose a topic for your health research paper, you should find something that truly does inspire you. This way, you will be continually interested in the articles that you read, as well as the organization and actual writing of the paper. There are plenty of places to find useful resources, like school databases that are filled with the latest articles about health care. Some of the most interesting topics are the ones that are controversial, like the science behind yoga, anti-vaccine ideas, and bed bugs. You will be surprised on the research that you actually find to support all sides of any health issue.

Take a Stand on the Issue

When you write the paper, you will need to take a stand on the issue, which will become your thesis statement. The research will prove the thesis, paragraph by paragraph. You need to have a creative introduction that also gets the reader’s attention appropriately. The body paragraphs should include plenty of citations so you show your reader (and your instructor) that you have done your research.

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