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10 ideas for good argument topics for research papers

Thinking of compelling arguments that are best suited for research papers

Before you can start your research paper, you need to have a topic to write about. One possible way of finding good ideas is to use brainstorming methods, and trying to get as many ideas as possible written down. It is important to keep a note of any ideas you may have, no matter how trivial they may seem at the time. The reason for this is that they may help to inspire ideas later on, or they may be relevant to the final topic that you choose to write about and, therefore, actually end up being quite useful.

Once you have a list of different ideas that you wish to use for your research paper, it is important that you choose topics that contain compelling arguments that are most suited for this style of essay. Essentially, you need to have arguments that you can write about in-depth without running out of things to talk about for what will need to be relatively long piece of work.

Making life easier with the use of past papers and even professional writers

It may be that you’re struggling to think of good ideas at all. Even with brainstorming methods, it can sometimes be a challenge to get any good ideas down in the first place. One good method to help you think of relevant topics to use is to look through old papers that have been written by students in the past. Alternatively, there are many professional writing websites that offer a range of services, including prewritten papers or even the possibility of having a bespoke sample written for you, which can ultimately take all of the hassle out of the research process for you.

Argumentative essay topic ideas

  1. Vegetarianism is as morally wrong as abortion is
  2. The media is more powerful than the government
  3. Christmas has become too commercialised and people have forgotten its true meaning
  4. Exams and testing should be abolished from the educational system
  5. The driving age should be lowered
  6. Cigarettes should be made illegal
  7. People should be given free energy supplies for their homes
  8. Conscription is a good thing and should be extended
  9. Men make better cooks than women
  10. Men should have equal paternity leave to women

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