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What Makes a Good Case Study Writer?

Either an individual or a company as an inquisition into a person or situation can use case studies. It is in-depth, detailed, and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Below are some important qualities to look for when selecting an individual to write that important case study for you, or to help you write the best possible case study you can.

  1. Research, Research, Research – A case study cannot succeed without intense and thorough research. An individual needs to be dedicated to collecting that information and have the skills to verify the information, as well. With so many resources at hand, research has become easier, but there is also the difficulty of knowing which information is correct. Whether this means library, internet, or interviewing people knowledgeable about the subject, a good case study writer must be willing to put in the time to collect that vital information.
  2. A High Attention to Detail – A good case study writer must have an incredible attention for detail. In order for the case study to be as accurate as possible, every detail must be scoured for and collected. A case study is more than a description; it must be used to persuade the reader to take on the same stance as the case study writer.
  3. Good Organization Skills – The immense mass of information that is collected as the case study grows can become overwhelming to those who do not possess strong organization skills. Being able to keep track of and organize the information into a coherent, strong case study is a must.
  4. Posses Persuasive Writing Skills – The entire purpose of a case study is to convince the reader to believe in and agree with the opinion of the writer. All the research and detail in the world will mean nothing without persuasive, influential writing.
  5. Able to Follow a Coherent Outline – The case writer must present the problem to the reader, and lead them to the same opinion as the writer. Without the ability to follow a logical outline, the writer will not be able to succeed in compelling the reader. This includes presenting the problem to the reader, provide background on the situation, organizing the different aspects of the case, and providing a conclusion.

These five skills are invaluable making a good case study writer. By keeping these five traits in mind, the quality of your case studies should improve dramatically.

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