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Where To Find A Good Example Of A Persuasive Essay In No Time

Persuasive essays are different from many other forms of academic writing in that they encourage writing with a bias. As a writer, this is a medium that allows you to express an opinion without paying attention to presenting the opposite view with neutrality. This is very simple for people who naturally have strong opinions. Others who tend to be more unaffiliated in their views may find this a bit troublesome. In that case, it helps to look at examples of well written essays so that you can tailor your own work to suit. Here are some places you can find those:

Essay databases

These can be found through a conventional web search. Anyone can compile a database and many people do. Some of them are very bad at it and don’t try to control the quality of the essays they include. This can be problematic because it requires you sift through essays of varying quality to find the ones that suit you best. To further compound this problem, if you can’t tell a good persuasive essay from a shoddy one you may end up emulating the work of a less talented writer than yourself.

Academic Writing Websites

If you’re in a hurry to find a persuasive essay, it helps to have enough money to pay for one. If you do, you can have one created to your specifications by a professional. Admittedly, if you need this sample essay in a hurry you will pay more for the privilege of having it delivered on time. It is up to you to decide how much you need your sample.

Friends who are good writers

If you know anyone who tends to write academic papers well, ask to see their best persuasive essays. A good friend will most likely say yes unless you have a history of passing off other people’s work as your own. If your main problem is lack of experience, look around for persuasive topics that appeal to you and try writing them just for your own edification. Observe the following topics:

  1. Is music education essential to the achievement of peak academic performance?
  2. Are newspapers obsolete in a world where information can be accessed instantly?
  3. Can individuals who isolate themselves from society still achieve some measure of success?

None of those topics should be particularly intimidating and if you attempt them from both angles you will gain even more from the writing experience.

Educational resources

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