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Looking For A Solid APA Term Paper Outline Example

Outlining can be the key to a successful term paper: it is an opportunity to organize your paper, organize your thoughts, and organize quotes and information from your sources. Having an example of an outline will make the process very helpful.

If your teacher has specified that your paper must be in APA format, you’ll need to pay close attention to what that requires when it comes to formatting your paper in terms of headers, section titles, page numbers, in text source citations, and the bibliography section. But in terms of creating an outline, it’s more important that you focus on organizing your thoughts and information into a coherent argument than following any specific format.

If you are looking for examples of APA term paper outlines, start your search with:

  1. Your teacher
  2. Many students are hesitant to ask their teachers for examples of papers or outlines because they are worried they will think they’re going to cheat off it. But if you explain to your teacher that you are unfamiliar with creating an APA outline and you are looking for an example to help you learn how to do it, chances are they’ll be happy to help.

  3. Your librarian
  4. Librarians are one of the most underused resources by students—not only are they experts on conducting research, they are usually very familiar with writing strategies, such as outlining. Even if your librarian doesn’t have an outline example on hand, they can help you locate one easily. They may also be able to help you find other resources specific to your term paper topic as well.

  5. Your writing center
  6. Most college and universities, and many high schools, have writing centers that are dedicated to helping students improve their writing, and cultivate a stronger writing process. They can help with anything from providing you with examples, helping your create an outline specific to your project, to proofreading and editing your paper. Stop by your school’s writing center and ask if they have any outline examples, or specifically APA outline examples. If they don’t, you can also make an appointment and have a writing tutor walk you through the process.

  7. Online writing center websites
  8. If you school doesn’t have a writing center, or they don’t have an outline examples, try searching online for resources from other schools’ writing centers. Many have websites that host great resources for students, even if you don’t attend their school.

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